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Quite plain and simple, our mission is to help you reach your personal mobility goals. Whether you are operating a business or making decisions that will benefit your family, 101 Mobility Asheville is here to provide the mobility solutions that you need. When residents across Buncombe County are searching for the right stairlift, auto lift, wheelchair ramp, or porch lift for their home, 101 Mobility Asheville is the name that they all trust. We pride ourselves on providing unbiased expert advice on our full range of products. Our team evaluates your needs first and then takes a look at the mobility solutions that we offer in order to provide your family or business with the perfect fit.

We understand that more and more people are choosing to age-in-place and stay in the homes they love. We plan to help you do that successfully. We also recognize that homes and other businesses are not built for accessibility –we’d like to help change that. Our team works tirelessly to assist clients in finding the find mobility equipment that they need to keep their homes comfortable and safe. From stair lifts, auto lifts, wheelchair ramps, patient lifts, bath safety, porch lifts and more, we try our best to have your unique needs satisfied by carrying a diverse range of products.

To best cater to the needs of Asheville residents, we carry all-encompassing product lines from America’s most trusted manufacturers. Many of our mobility solutions are specialized according to need, for example some chair lifts feature a toggle control to make operation easier for those with arthritis or other dexterity issues. We also carry customizable slings and mounting solutions for our SystemRoMedic and Liko patient lifts. If you are considering trading your beloved vehicle for a handicap accessible van – we also provide auto lift solutions for any car from compact cars to pickup trucks and everything in between.

We provide stair lift rentals, wheelchair ramp rentals and vertical platform lift rentals for Asheville residents with short-term mobility needs. Asheville homeowners choose our comprehensive rental program for a wide range of reasons – post-surgery rehabilitation periods, at-home patient care or long-term visits from relatives with mobility challenges. Rentals may also be used for certain commercial applications such as a special events or renovations.

At 101 Mobility Asheville, we are dedicated to providing Asheville homeowners and business operators with first rate customer service, reliable mobility solutions and custom installations by professional service technicians Whether you are in search of an ADA compliant pool lift or a folding ramp to help you get around town, we are here to assist you. Please feel free to call 101 Mobility Asheville today, we are happy to be of assistance.

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